Whether you’re looking for a general report on several generations, or seeking information on one missing person from your ancestry, MyIrishFamilyTree will carry out a free, no obligations assessment.


In genealogy, records and dates gradually build up a picture: to find one piece of information may mean gradual sifting through many layers.
However, an experienced eye knows the shortcuts and the pitfalls, the name variations, and the unique geography of baronies, parishes, District Electoral Divisions and townlands.
There are often gaps in the records, but there are also niche records which can be very rewarding. To give one example, the schools folklore collection at dú (dúchas is Irish for heritage) is of huge value.
Local knowledge, and knowing who the local historians are, is also of immense importance.

It is truly impossible to price “per person” on a family tree. The only way to charge is per hour of research, whether the research takes place on a computer, in a library or by visiting the place of origin. I charge €30 per hour, and I am scrupulously honest!
Like most genealogists, I can guarantee that if you are charged for ten hours you are really getting twenty, or thirty…
That is the nature of research, and particularly of genealogical research.

Please fill with as much information as possible, and I will get back to you with an initial appraisal and perhaps more questions.

Remember, It is vitally important to gather as much information as you can in the country where your ancestor(s) settled.
In one case I researched, an entire family tree was unlocked when someone with only vague information found the surname of a great-aunt’s first husband.
Every small item of information is potentially crucial!


    Please write here anything you feel would help research.
    Visits to Ireland, previous attempts to find origins.
    Addresses from old letters, a scribbled note on a photograph.
    First names which recurred, or recur, in your family.