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An estimated 70 million people worldwide claim some Irish descendancy.
Eolas Solas An tSaoil : Knowledge is the light of life.

Genealogy is becoming increasingly important, to more and more people. In Ireland, and for Ireland's diaspora, this has particular importance because of our long history of emigration. It's estimated that some 70 million people worldwide claim some Irish descendancy, and some 36 million Americans claim Irish as their primary descendancy. The Irish government formally recognised the importance of family history in 2014 by appointing a Minister of State for the Diaspora. This is now incorporated under the Minstry of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. The number of people seeking to find their roots continues to grow.

Keeping pace with this growth is the availability of church and civil records online. There is a growing need, therefore, for knowledgable and expert interpretation of these records. Context is vital to understanding.

A trained genealogist can successfully guide people through these records, and can also find niche records which might never become generally available. Experience in searching, and knowing who to ask, and what to ask, and how to ask, is a vital part of the work of a genealogist.

My own roots are in counties Clare and Cork, and I live on the edge of Connemara, overlooking the Aran Islands in Galway. I know and love the west of Ireland intimately. I have helped people, for family and legal reasons, to find both their ancestors and their present-day families throughout Ireland including Dublin, Donegal, Limerick, Tipperary, Leitrim and Mayo but I am willing to search anywhere in ireland.

I hope to help many more people to reconnect with their Irish heritage and to experience the joy of discovering their roots.

- Linda Keohane


Finding Family

YourIrishFamilyTree has helped several families to reunite with their cousins in Ireland.


Linda Keohane is available to take on any genealogy-related writing project.

Legal Services

The work of a genealogist can involve finding descendants and heirs so that a will can be administered.